The Tunes


Joy is the opening tune. Every HTM treatment starts with the Joy tune; it enables a better flow of energy in the body.
Joy opens blockages in the energy channels and the Chakras.
Joy opens the listener’s emotional ability to accept healing and believe it is possible.
The sensation of opening frequencies is soft and pleasant; it brings a feeling of tranquility and deep relaxation.

Fire Dance

Fire Dance – builds self-confidence
Fire Dance is suitable for treating the spinal cord, slipped discs, back pains and pressure from the spine.
It is good for treating neck pain and headaches that stem from the spinal cord.
Fire Dance helps improve decision-making abilities.
Fire Dance helps the HTM healing process by building emotional confidence;
it facilitates a positive outlook on life and nurtures optimism.



Blue – focuses on the solar plexus
Blue is beneficial for people who are feeling dejected, or suffering from depression.
Suitable for people who are withdrawn and cannot express their feelings or emotions;
people who keep everything bottled up inside (in the chest area).
Blue releases emotional blocks.

King David

treats communication problems
King David is suitable for treatment of the kidneys and bladder. It helps with attention deficiency disorders, hyperactivity. King David helps to develop verbal skills and the ability to listen. It is used to treat communication problems; within yourself, with the environment, and in relationships. Blue connects the listener to inspiration and the personal source of creativity.
Blue opens the door to understanding the relationships between incarnations, to channeling higher connections.

Soul Voice

Soul Voice helps in treating food sensitivities and allergies, and constipation.
It is beneficial for people who are lactose intolerant, people with irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease.
Soul Voice can help people who suffer from a feeling of heaviness in the arms and legs, and limitation in movement.
This tune can benefit people who are set in their ways;
it helps people with problems of self-motivation, helps to develop and advance while creating changes, and helps to build self-confidence.


Sky Light

Sky Light helps in treating inflammations: lung infections, arthritis, meningitis, respiratory infections, the heart muscle, hepatitis and more.
Sky Light helps creates a connection to cosmic awareness, to light; it opens a connection to your higher self.
Sky Light helps to understand the cause and effect of what surrounds us, the relationship between the worlds above and the world below.



Silk is beneficial in cases of weakness, rheumatic pains, joint and muscle pain, and migraines.
It helps treat psychosomatic problems, emotions and emotional turbulence.
Silk is beneficial for various fears and phobias, hypochondria and fear of disease.
It helps in treating a troubled mind, obsessions, and negativity that has a physical expression.



Transformation helps to balance the water molecules in the body.
It is suitable for treating all the lymphatic systems in the body, the mucus membranes, heart, circulatory system, blood flow and blood pressure, leukemia, hormonal problems. Transformation helps in renewal and in raising the frequency on the molecular level.



Heaven is beneficial for the elderly, for people (including children), who are seriously or terminally ill, and for people who are comatose.
Heaven connects the listener to Paradise and the primal energy of Adam. It facilitates a perspective on life through higher consciousness and perpetuation of the soul.

Not recommended for people with suicidal tendencies.



Sunrise is suitable for treatment of chronic fatigue, exhaustion, unwillingness to get up in the morning.
It helps in treating allergies and skin conditions, chronic disease, cancer. Sunrise complements treatment of every disease.
Sunrise helps to recharge and energize, connecting to the primal energy of creation.