Channeling King David

Healing Through Music by the Power of Light

HTM – The Complete Healing Kit

To intensify and complement your healing methods

The kit includes:



11 instruction cards


2 CDs with 10 healing tunes


A free Professional pack.
Magnetic elegant hard case for your material, to protect them in your clinic/home or on the go
Easy to organize and practical.


The instruction cards detail the specific healing properties of each tune. Each card includes a guided imagery technique that complements the tune and its characteristics. The cards will accompany your daily work as a healer in the method and will help you to focus and make your work as an HTM healer more efficient.

In the guidebook, you will find everything you need to become a practiced healer in the HTM – Healing Through Music method.

The book will lead you through the healing technique step by step, will teach you the secrets of the HTM healing method, techniques to focus and intensify the healing energy of the tunes.

The book explains how the method was developed.

You will discover the physical healing properties of the tunes, and how they affect the body.

You will learn about the four elements and their characteristics.

You will learn how to diagnose people, understand their personality, what their dominant characteristics are, and how to help them. Learn to identify the source of the problem at hand, and how to conduct the healing session.

You will find a detailed explanation of how to incorporate the CD and instruction cards in your work. Detailed examples will teach you how to plan a series of sessions to heal and solve the problem. If you buy the kit for self-healing, you will find all the instructions and guidelines that you need to get the most out of the kit to heal, strengthen, balance your mind and body, and live your daily life in complete inner harmony and physical vigor.

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