The Four Elements

The diagnostic and healing process of HTM is based on the four elements that are the building blocks of the human body: earth, water, air and fire. Each element characterizes a different aspect.

Emotions and personality:

Earth: level-headedness, practical, taking action to implement ideas

Water: emotions, feelings, intuition

Air: ideas, intellect, higher thoughts

Fire: impulse, charisma, the need to dominate, leadership


Earth: legs, genitals, skeleton (bones)

Water: digestive system, kidneys, bladder, abdomen

Air: head, neck, face, skin

Fire: chest, heart, solar plexus, the aura that surrounds us

These four building blocks are in a state of delicate balance within the body. If one of them becomes imbalanced, so will the others. If one becomes stronger, the others will weaken. The human body must contain all four elements and cannot exist without them all. A body that is comprised of only earth without wind, water or fire, will be in a state of dust, will cease to exist, which means death. Wind in itself without the other elements, such as earth, which is matter, cannot be embodied.

A balanced person is someone whose four elements exist side by side, support each other while limiting excess of any one element. When we take a deep look into the reasons or causes for a certain illness, we will find that one of the four elements has gone out of kilter, and returning it to balanced function will directly affect the condition that we are treating. The tunes in the healing kit Channeling King David are a complete kit for healing with HTM, to balance the four elements.

The simple and pleasant process of listening to the tunes according to the instructions in the kit creates a musical resonance that heals and balances the elements in the body, bringing a healing frequency.

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