I came across a link by chance to Yossi Schwartz – healing with King David’s tunes that Yossi channels. Wow! From the very first moment I felt a connection with the tune called King David. It something very deep and spiritual  that effects the mind and body.

I highly recommend it to everyone, even people who are not healers can heal themselves.

Yossi, you  are amazing – hat’s off to you!

Thank you Yossi. Thank God I don’t have diabetes or high blood pressure. Thank God. So I can’t make it up. I hope I never suffer from them. I’m simply going through a hard time. And it helps me. Connects me to my soul. I feel it very deeply. I even think it affects me on the subconscious level.

I have no words to describe it.  It really is connected to a higher plane.

I connected with the soul’s mother in track 6 and it filled me with strong healing energy. Every time I meet soul’s mother I cry and its as if it’s truly my soul’s mother fixing me. It’s amazing. I cry every single time.

Susan Shabani

Susan Shaabani - self healing

Bat Yam, Israel