I have been a TCM healer for almost 20 years, and energy healer and Channeler for about 10 years.
Over the years I have searched for additional tools that can help me treat my patients, to make the treatment more holistic; physically, mentally, emotionally.
When we began to work with the tunes in the kit, there were amazing results, and in each treatment session, I learned new things:
From the very first time I played a tune, I could visualize the meditations that are on the instructional cards in the kit.
I could feel the energy channel through which I receive the healing energy become wider and felt my aura expand, becoming cleaner and clearer.

But the most amazing things happened for the patients
In each and every one of the patients, there were recurring elements, yet each one had an individual story and unique signs:
For example, when playing JOY – which cleanses the flow of energy and opens the healing channels, I could see how in each patient, the process happened in its own way.

The patients underwent unique and interesting experiences:
Most of the patients simply fell asleep on the treatment table, and it took several moments for them to awaken after each tune.
They said that they could feel everything that happened, yet it was as if they weren’t fully present, just like in deep meditation.
Some described floating upward and hovering, others had out of body experiences, some felt extraordinary emotional reactions, recalled emotionally charged or painful details from the past, and very often the session ended with cathartic tears.
The physical and emotional experiences made the patients appreciate the quality of the treatment, and return for a series of healing sessions.
Many patients come for treatment for its strengthening effect, or to increase their energetic frequency – to motivate and uplift themselves.

As a healer I received an outstanding tool
A tool that helps me to heal on the highest physical level, and enables me to gain a rare glimpse at the patient’s thoughts and emotions.
All of this gives me the opportunity to heal, and enable deep healing in the most optimal way for each of my clients.
In my clinic, the use of the tunes gives me a very defined and convenient time frame to work within. I am so familiar with the tunes that I know exactly what stage of the treatment I’m in, so I can evaluate the time I have left for treatment.
The tunes in the kit are the basis for a long-term treatment program. I can plan the treatments ahead, and assess the patient’s progress in the program.
Even the most skeptical patients, the ones who least believe, become calmer and more relaxed while listening to the tunes; the tranquility, the openness, and their total immersion enables me, as a healer, to do my job in the best way possible.
Today, healing through music and the HTM method are an integral part of my healing technique.

Rivka Schwartz Shahar

Healer and a TCM practitioner Modiin