Hi Yossi, my name is Liora Horesh. I had a wonderful experience with your music today. One of my patients came to a second treatment. She asked me to stop playing the second tune from CD 1  because it was making her feel bad. She was feeling deep, oppressive sadness. I read what you wrote on the instruction card about the tune Blue. I was astonished! I explained to her that this was exactly the situation she was dealing with, and the tune is helping to cleanse her of that, and enables healing to go to deeper levels.


I’m a spiritual healer, I treat energetic imbalance with TCM and Korean medicine, as well as reflexology. When I listened to your CDs for the first time, I had my eyes closed and lay down as you suggested, and I experienced a strong electric current, an actual physical sensation. The frequency truly runs through the notes and the tune becomes a subtle healing tool in all bodies. The energetic light bodies as well as the physical body. The comprehensive treatment does indeed improve the healing experience and the patient’s growth.

Liora Horesh – spiritual healer and TCM Healer

Bat Yam, Israel