How do you get your clients to talk about you everywhere.

  Become an expert and a master healer, effortlessly !


If you want to connect to a pure, powerful, higher healing frequency…

If you want to give your patients healing treatment that will truly generate change for them…

If you want to gain important insights and channeling messages for yourself and your patients…

If you want your patients to keep coming back, and give their warm recommendations…

If you aspire to become a significant healing figure …

I want to tell you about a unique healing method that can make all the difference.


Without long lectures and long-term studies.


Without the need for energy attunements.


Without having to learn about dozens of meridians


Without having to change your working methods.


Without lengthening the treatment time.

If you really want more clients, more treatments, and even more money.

If you want the recognition you deserve.

If you want to become a unique and powerful healer.


This letter is going to be life altering !!!

I am going to tell you about a healing method that anyone, without previous experience in healing and without spending thousands of dollars, can learn and use to heal and to improve healing results.

This method is so simple that within a month you can use it to heal just like a healer with 20 years of experience.


Now you have the opportunity to connect to the highest,

most sacred healing energies!

To pass them on to your patients,

who will feel the power of the healing

throughout their bodies.

your patients will receive real meaningful healing treatment

that will give them a significant

change in their path to complete healing.



My name is Yosef Schwartz-Shahar;  I am a musician and a healer.

I present you with a healing method that I developed that uses music as a healing element.

We have been using this method for several years with outstanding feedback and results. Our patients come back repeatedly, and report vast improvement in their conditions.

The healing method works on the acoustic principles of sound, which enables the frequency of the music to effectively balance and heal the physical body.

It took me 7 years to learn, to record and to develop the techniques and principles of the HTM method (Healing Through Music).

People around the world are beginning to recognize the amazing healing powers of HTM.

This new and groundbreaking healing method is already taking its place as a leading healing technique.

We live in a digital and fast-paced world….

Now is the time to come onboard and overwhelm your clients with new healing powers.

And this is the exact reason I am turning to you.

Here is a method with potent healing powers never before experienced in the world of healing.

The method works and has proven to heal people every day

A few days ago when I asked my wife Rivka’s patient how she felt, she replied, “I’m soaring!!!”.

I was not surprised. I’m used to this reaction from patients that come to our clinic.

Years of study and research preceded these phenomenal powers of healing:

At the start of our journey as healers, before the Healing Through Music method was born, we treated our patients using various other methods; my wife Rivka with acupuncture and Shiatsu, me with energy healing.

The idea for healing with music came to me as I was taking a course in channeling, I already had insights on what I had to do and how to heal, but I hadn’t done anything about it.

During one of the exercises an image appeared before me – later I realized that it was King David.

King David gave me a lyre and played me a melody.

It took me awhile to process the magnitude of the event and understand what had happened. Even today, I am still bewildered. All I can do is be grateful for the great privilege of being able to bring the world such transcendent material.

After a great deal of research, we discovered that we had a winning method. We began to use it to treat our patients… Rivka would do the treatment and I played the music. At first, we only had one tune…

The powerful forces that we experienced during the treatments were so strong that we all (Rivka, the patients, and me) had to recuperate after each treatment. The healing was so intense that our patients had to rest before they felt that they could get up, drive and go on their way.

I realized that I had to record the material and tell the world about this healing method that does wonders, but still I only had one tune and no idea how to publish it…

I continued to experiment in writing music. I sat by the piano at night, dreamed, imagined and hummed… and suddenly, one day when I wasn’t busy writing and I had some quiet time (while driving in my car), a new tune came into my head.

We tried this new tune on our patients and the feedback was wonderful, but still I had to continue to write…

The image of King David came to me several more times; it was always exhilarating and surprising. King David promised me we would meet again and continue to work together.

It took me four years to complete my work, and recording was an exceptionally difficult process.

As a professional musician, I’m used to coming into the studio, playing for half an hour and going home.

During the recording sessions for the healing tunes, my body fell apart, my hands felt heavy, in the middle of playing, I made inexplicable mistakes,  The tunes,  some of them 15 minutes long, were exhausting for me to play. I sometimes had to stop in the middle of recording, even for the last minute.

The healing frequency was so strong that it also had an effect on the recording studio… strange buzzing sounds around the room, the recording computer crashed, the piano broke down and I had to do a complete overhaul to repair it, as well as other unusual occurrences.

After a long four years, the CD was finally ready…with 10 healing tunes.

I thought my work was done, and I could start marketing…but then I discovered that the tunes affect the body in a very methodical way, and we had to research and learn how they worked, how each tune affected the body and what body part they targeted, as well as how to treat different types of ailments…

For two more years we studied how the tunes worked, we wrote material about the healing process until we had developed a complete healing method.

It took another year to develop the final product, a complete healing kit for healing with music. We established a team to research the method as we worked. This team included:

Hila Mor, channeler, who helped us through her enlightened guides to understand each tune

Rivka Schwartz- Shahar, my wife, a healer who used the method to treat her patients and get feedback.

Sara Lifshitz , healer, who tied in her knowledge of the four elements.

Every new tune that was born we conducted a meeting of a team of channelers and healers who met to listen to the tune and share their impressions.

The amazing thing was that they all said the same things about what they saw and felt while listening to the new tune.

Seven years of intensive work on the Healing Through Music method, led to worldwide distribution.

Many healers now use the HTM method to help heal their patients.

Here is where you come into the picture:

As a professional healer, you can provide yourself and your clients with an advantage that you will find nowhere else:


Achieve recognition

Despite the many advantages of the method, your job as healer is to choose the healing techniques that will be the most beneficial to your patient – the credit for healing will be all yours. Undoubtedly – your patients will feel the change and healing during the treatment. Clearly, your treatment is what makes the difference.

Widen your circle of patients

your patients will recommend you, after experiencing powerful healing.

significant advantage

You will have a significant advantage over your competition and colleagues – with this groundbreaking method.

People will talk about you

the healing frequency stays with the patient for a long time after the treatment, which will enable them to continue the healing process and talk about their experiences with others.

Significantly improve healing results

you will discover that even patients you thought you could not help, feel much better, and that the healing sessions have a lasting effect.

Become a master

after a short learning process, you can reap the rewards of your new abilities that will make you a master healer, one who has an effective answer to every problem.

Make more money

yes, yes…money!!! Even healers are allowed to be financially secure, and you certainly deserve it as well. Financial success is one of the most important measures of success in our world. Learn to plan a treatment schedule for your patients; a complete healing program with the HTM method is 9 sessions. This will increase the frequency of your meetings and your treatments – and your patients will happily come back to be treated.

You will also benefit on the personal level:


One of the most common problems during treatment is that the mind wanders. We tend to plan what we are going to say or do, when we are going shopping and a million other things that we have going on.

This significantly lessens the effectiveness of the treatment and the results.

During the HTM treatment you experience extreme focus on the patient and the treatment, your thoughts will not wander as much, your effectiveness as a healer will increase and sharpen.

Inspiration and opening a frequency to higher vision

During the treatment, as your patient experiences the wondrous frequency of the tunes, you will experience the frequency as well, and it will help you to get answers and ideas: how to treat them, what is best and most appropriate.

Many healers get messages from higher powers while listening to the HTM tunes, for their patients and for themselves; their private lives, relationships as well as their personal and professional advancement.

Sense of time

Very often healers lose their sense of time during treatments:

How much time has passed? How much time do I have left? What do I still have to do? Will I have enough time?

Working with the HTM healing kit enables the treatment to progress in a logical and methodical manner, giving you complete control.

Health and physical strength

You, the healer, will also experience the balancing and healing frequency that the kit offers. Your body will respond to the tunes, will become balanced, you will experience inner peace, focus, you will be healthier and recuperation time for illness will become significantly shorter.

Your sleep will improve; you will wake up more energized, sharper and more focused, as well as other beneficial healing qualities from the tunes.


Working with the tunes will increase your confidence in working with your patients. You will be able to explain what they experience, will understand the process they are going through, you will understand what causes their problems and the best way to treat them.


What do you get ?


green-v2 CDs with 10 healing tunes.


Each tune has its own healing properties, works on different parts of the body and different planes.
Here are just a few examples for each of the tunes:

  1. Joy – enables better flow of energy throughout the body, opens blockages in the energy channels and chakras, opens up the body’s ability to accept healing
  2. Blue – releases blockages from emotional sources, good for depression, grieving
  3. King David – good for treating the kidneys, bladder problems, ADHD
  4. Fire Dance– for spinal and back problems, increasing self-confidence
  5. Soul Voice – food allergies, constipation
  6. Sky Light – pneumonia, arthritis, meningitis, hepatitis
  7. Silk – weakness, rheumatic pains, joint and muscle pains, migraines
  8. Transformation –heart problems, circulatory system, blood flow, blood pressure, leukemia, hormonal problems
  9. Heaven – treatment of the elderly, chronically ill, terminally ill
  10. Sunrise – chronic fatigue, exhaustion, lack of motivation to get up in the morning

The tunes have many other and varied uses!

green-v Instruction manual.


Learn the secrets of the method in a clear and organized manner:

You will learn:

  • The acoustic principles upon which the method is based
  • A method to diagnose your patients based on the four elements
  • The right questions to ask your patients (questionnaire included)
  • Plan an appropriate individual treatment schedule for each patient
  • The book provides examples of treatments that will facilitate a deeper understanding of how to build a treatment program

green-v 11 Instruction cards


Easy to work with A5 size cards, large and clear

Each tune has its own card that includes:

  • The attributes of the tune
  • Detailed healing properties
  • Guided imagery to enhance the power of the healing frequency

green-v A free Professional pack.

Magnetic elegant hard case for your material, to protect them in your clinic or on the go

Easy to organize and practical

The Healing Through Music method is not for everyone…

And I mean that. We are not interested in healers that buy our healing kit and do not use it to heal a single patient.

This kit is not for healers who are looking for gimmicks – this healing method must be taken seriously and used with true intent to benefit others.

This is not for people who are looking for an easy buck.

This is not for those who are looking for magic solutions without making an effort to understand the method in depth.


Who is this kit for?


For healers

who want to improve themselves and their healing results.

For people

with an aptitude for healing who want to become healers.

For healers

with an open mind who can recognize the next stage in healing techniques.

For healers

who truly want to give their patients the best.

Welcome to the league of super healers.


Finally, you have a healing method that will facilitate achieving the powerful healings that you always wanted

Finally, you can realize your potential and your abilities.

I will tell you a secret:



The results you will achieve with the HTM method will probably be much…much…better !!!


If you are already a healer, you will improve the quality of your treatments without changing your working methods or lengthening the treatment time

The complete kit in stores: $ 299

Online through our website $ 194

Purchase the Channeling King David HTM kit today with our special offer:

For only 110$ plus shipping and handling .

You save 184$

This special offer is limited to the first 100 buyers, and the orders are already coming in!

This means that for the price of two treatments you get an amazing upgrade to your healing process!

I am interested in becoming an HTM Master Healer.

I am interested in buying the complete Healing Through Music kit

to become an expert in healing, strive for excellence and

conect to a higher healing frequency


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60-day money-back guarantee,
with no fine print!


I am so sure that Healing Through Music will grant you amazing benefits and improve your healing abilities, that I give you an extraordinary guarantee…

Purchase the HTM kit risk-free, with a 60-day money-back guarantee

Yes, I am not afraid to offer this because I know that even if you only use 20% of the kit’s potential, it will change your life.

At any time during the 60 days from the day you order the kit, you can return it for a full refund.

No questions asked, no need for excuses.

I work with a meditation CD, how is that different from HTM?

The music in the HTM method is not music for relaxation and meditation. In fact, it should not be used as background music as part of your daily routine or for meditation. The music broadcasts frequencies that can cause energetic disruptions and disruptions to the magnetic fields surrounding us.

This is one of the reasons that the treatment is prohibited for people with pacemakers.

Music for relaxation and meditation creates a calm atmosphere, while the purpose of the HTM tunes is to balance and heal the physical body.

This is the significant difference:

Background music – for the soul

HTM healing tunes – for the body

I use another healing method – how can the HTM method benefit me?

One of the biggest advantages of healing with HTM is the ability to integrate with other healing methods.

The only thing you need is a decent sound system.

Without lengthening the treatment time or changing your healing technique, you don’t even have to tell your patient that the tunes in the background have healing properties.

With the tunes in the HTM kit, the treatment results will improve, to your patient’s benefit, and yours, as well.

The credit for the powerful treatment will be yours.

  • You are the one responsible for the amazing healing process
  • You are the one who chose the appropriate technique
  • You are the one responsible for the your patient’s powerful experience
  • Do you get how amazing this is?

Do you get how amazing this is?


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I am a 36-year-old

Six months ago, I began treatment with Yosef Shwartz-Shahar, following a series of panic attacks. The results were amazingand immediate, as opposed to the years of psychotherapy that I underwent in the past.

Recently, I had a combined HTM treatment by Yosef and Rivka Shwartz-Shahar together. Words cannot express the sublime feeling during the treatment, and especially the subsequent results.

Without a doubt, my life changed from that moment and a burden was lifted from me.

This treatment is unique, and the first of its kind in the world!

I requested permission from the couple to bring their story to the media, so that others could hear about and benefit from their unique and effective healing method …

Alon Yehuda
pardes hanna-karkur
Israel Alon Yehuda

PR executive in the music industry.

Hi Yossi,
I wanted to share with you the divine feelings I experienced when listening to the first CD. Simply amazing!  What was most amazing, beyond what I felt, was that I heard in the background of the first two tunes and in the fourth, a  voice humming the tune (like accompaniment) and I saw colored lights of blue/purple. During some of the tunes, I saw white light, too. I will be happy to learn what this means, am I on the right path?

I can tell you that it made me feel pure, indescribable joy.

Thank you!

Ravit Achiel – Reiki healer
From Facebook chat Ravit achiel

Reiki healer

Thank you, and my wholehearted support! You deserve it!!!

I’ve only had the chance to give my husband one  treatment since we spoke… I’m just so busy….

But on my patients!!!!! Amazing, from among the people I treated for release from fears, release from negative people, for decision making, to improve self-confidence, and even more, after only 2 treatments.

Bless you!!!

Victoria Vicki Daniel – holistic healer and channeler

Facebook chat Victoria Vicki Daniel

holistic healer and channeler

Hi Yossi, my name is Liora Horesh. I had a wonderful experience with your music today. One of my patients came to a second treatment. She asked me to stop playing the second tune from CD 1  because it was making her feel bad. She was feeling deep, oppressive sadness. I read what you wrote on the instruction card about the tune Blue. I was astonished! I explained to her that this was exactly the situation she was dealing with, and the tune is helping to cleanse her of that, and enables healing to go to deeper levels.


I’m a spiritual healer, I treat energetic imbalance with TCM and Korean medicine, as well as reflexology. When I listened to your CDs for the first time, I had my eyes closed and lay down as you suggested, and I experienced a strong electric current, an actual physical sensation. The frequency truly runs through the notes and the tune becomes a subtle healing tool in all bodies. The energetic light bodies as well as the physical body. The comprehensive treatment does indeed improve the healing experience and the patient’s growth.


Liora Horesh –

WhatsApp message Liora Horesh

spiritual healer

A little taste of responses to the Healing through Music kit around the world:

Pradeep Chandiramani – Indian guide and healer, hold workshops using the tunes and the amazing healing properties that they awaken in the listener

Participant in an HTM workshop held by Pradeep Chandiramani in India

Your Om kriya and Healing thru Music meditation was the most powerful thing ever experienced. ….you have changed my life in just a one day workshop…can’t believe I could at a stretch sit for a ten hour workshop…It was mind blowing Ji..I need ur blessings with me for the rest of my life ..Pls come back to Udaipur soon we all will be waiting for u to have now workshops in whole Rajasthan… ????????


Pradeep Chandiramani
Facebook chat Pradeep Chandiramani

Indian guide and healer

I came across a link by chance to Yossi Schwartz – healing with King David’s tunes that Yossi channels. Wow! From the very first moment I felt a connection with the tune called King David. It something very deep and spiritual  that effects the mind and body.

I highly recommend it to everyone, even people who are not healers can heal themselves.

Yossi, you  are amazing – hat’s off to you!


Thank you Yossi. Thank God I don’t have diabetes or high blood pressure. Thank God. So I can’t make it up. I hope I never suffer from them. I’m simply going through a hard time. And it helps me. Connects me to my soul. I feel it very deeply. I even think it affects me on the subconscious level.

I have no words to describe it.  It really is connected to a higher plane.

I connected with the soul’s mother in track 6 and it filled me with strong healing energy. Every time I meet soul’s mother I cry and its as if it’s truly my soul’s mother fixing me. It’s amazing. I cry every single time.

Susan Shabani Susan Shabani

Self healing

If you’ve gotten this far, a few words from me to you:

The experiences and power that I discovered and experienced myself in the process of creating the Healing through Music kit, has no rational explanation.

Even the fact that you have reached this page, is like a miracle to me.

Our field requires that we listen to what our heart says and connect to higher guidance

I invite you to connect to your inner voice and intuition, and see whether the Healing through Music method works for you

I hope to meet with you in person, and hear one of your amazing stories on your path of light and healing

With love and esteem .


P.S. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or if you have difficulties purchasing the kit through Paypal

You can contact me through our Facebook page here.. facebook-icon-5
Or -send a message on Whatsapp to my personal cell phone number during the evening, Israel time,
and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible +97252 2518614

Wishing you beautiful days



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