If you want to connect to a pure, powerful, higher healing frequency…

If you want to give your patients healing treatment that will truly generate change for them…

If you want to gain insights for yourself and for your patients …

If you want your patients to keep coming back, and give their warm recommendations…

You are in the right place - Discover the power of music to heal !

Healing Trough Music

If you were looking for an effective way to solve otherwise untreatable medical and mental problems, you have come to the right place.

Hello, my name is Yosef Schwarts-Shahar; I am a musician and a healer.

For over ten years, I have been researching the healing properties of sound.

In my journey of understanding the healing power of certain sounds on the body, I have discovered an old, new way to bring about far-reaching changes in the body.

I invite you to read in-depth and discover how the secret to Healing Through Music HTM can also help you in your healing path.

Music deeply affects us all

We all have an acquaintance with the amazing impact that music has on our lives.

The emotion we get when we hear a tune we love.

In just one magical moment, some sounds can take us back years to a point when we were dancing our first dance or other powerful experiences we went through like a wedding, birth, birthday, first kiss, special trip, etc.

Sounds also add color to our lives and enhance any experience. I can’t imagine Leonardo de Caprio standing on the Titanic bow without the powerful sounds in the background, or Jack Sparrow’s ship in the Caribbean Pirates without Klaus Badlet’s powerful music. It would even be a little weird…


Sounds have a remarkable ability to change our consciousness’s state and have a profound effect on us.

This amazing effect of sound has been known in the Far East for thousands of years.

In Indian tradition, there are appropriate sounds for the morning and special melodies for the evening.

There are special tunes for sacred events and tunes for social events.
If you play a song, not in tune, you disrupt the energy and cause chaos.

Tibetans also have special sounds suitable for any occasion to focus on before prayers, purifying evil energy, meditation, ceremonies, etc.

Even in the medieval church, each scale (a modus) has a deeply religious significance. The belief was that the differences between the modus bring with them an energetic change.


Today, even the official institutions in the world already recognize the healing power of music:


“Music Demonstrated to Alleviate Cancer Patients’ Symptoms”

“Music therapy, or just listening to music, can be good for the heart”

“Clinical trials have revealed a reduction in heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, insomnia, depression, and anxiety with music therapy.”


The Healing Through Music HTM System can help you get a real in-depth, positive impact on your health problems.


Health problems

Healing through Music has an orderly healing method that treats all areas of the body.

Each of the tunes in the healing kit’s certain healing properties helps treat a particular area of the body or a problem. The collection of melodies produces a general balance in the body of the listener.
Among the common treatments with the method you can find: cancer, digestive problems, heart, lungs, muscle pain, fibromyalgia, various gland problems, recovery from transplants, accidents, surgeries, and more…

Mental problems 

The healing method through music effectively treats depression, various problems of anxiety and panic attacks, lack of desire to get up in the morning, chronic fatigue, problems with self-confidence, and even help in making decisions. Patients report a marked improvement in their condition and help return to a normal life.

Balance for your daily life

Our intense lives, daily worries, stresses, and tensions at work affect us all. Regular use of a kit for healing through HTM music can help relieve this tension and stress and help manage a calmer and more balanced life, raise self-awareness, improve self-confidence, faith in the way, and knowledge. The inner what is right for us to do. (Obviously, if you came to read these lines, you are already a person with self-awareness).

Raising your energetic frequency

Healing is not just for the sick
The healing energy in the HTM kit can change each of us, raising the frequency of the listener can help gain deeper insights, a deeper insight into our purpose in life and even develop for receiving messages and communication, each according to where he is. People who had a treatment session with us at the clinic came out with shining eyes as if they had been enlightened.

I wish you too would have such an experience of transcendence; it is impossible to describe it in words.

Strengthening Your Immune System 

In these worldwide epidemic times, there is no doubt that helping our immune system can be extremely significant.

A balanced body will develop a stronger immune system and will be able to cope better with Covid-19 and its physical and mental challenges. Thus, it will surely help you get through this period much more easily.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of frequency energy and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

The Healing Through Music HTM method operates according to a physical principle called the resonance principle.

The principle of resonance (or sympathetic resonance) is a well-known physical law whose basis is that every object and body has its own self-frequency.

If a sound is heard in the air at the body’s frequency, the body will start to resonate.

It is like the opera singer who sings at a certain frequency and explodes the glass on the other side of the room.

The resonant principle has such enormous power; it can even knock down bridges. But it can also move the molecules of our body and any other body and rearrange them.


Here, you are welcome to harness this wonderful force of nature to heal and balance your body.

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Imagine a powerful healer with the healing capabilities and power to awaken the primary memory of the body to heal itself, that can bring forth ancient energy for your healing process and can change your body on the DNA level.


Self Healing On The Way To Recovery

If you truly want to feel better
If you want to return to a life of health and freedom
using a unique and powerful healing method

This website is going to be life altering

I am going to tell you about a healing method that anyone, without previous experience in healing and without spending thousands of dollars, can learn and use to heal and to improve healing results.
This method is so simple that within a month you can use it to heal just like a healer with 20 years of experience.
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My name is Alon Yehuda; I am a 36-year-old I work in the music industry as a PR executive. I began my treatment with Yosef Shwartz-Shahar, about Six months ago, following a series of panic attacks. The results were amazing and immediate, as opposed to the years of psychotherapy that I underwent in the past…. Read more…

Alon Yehuda


Hi Yossi, I wanted to share with you the divine feelings I experienced when listening to the first CD. Simply amazing!  What was most amazing, beyond what I felt, was that I heard in the background of the first two tunes and in the fourth, a  voice humming the tune (like accompaniment) and I saw colored lights of blue/purple. During some of the tunes, I saw white light, too.

I can tell you that it made me feel pure, indescribable joy.

Thank you!

Ravit Achiel – Reiki healer

Read more testimonials…

If you truly want to feel better

If you want to return to a life of health and freedom

using a unique and powerful healing method

This website is going to be life altering

I am going to tell you about a healing method that anyone, without previous experience in healing and without spending thousands of dollars, can learn and use to heal and to improve healing results.

This method is so simple that within a month you can use it to heal just like a healer with 20 years of experience.

You will get your freedom back-get on the path to healing and give yourself the necessary treatment without being dependent on any external factor; without waiting, without scheduling an appointment, without paying thousands of dollars for treatment, and without leaving home.

Your loved ones will thank you for helping them – after trying the HTM method and understanding the power in the method you will be able to help your loved ones and treat them to when necessary. How wonderful it will be to be the one than have the right tool to help.

You will receive tools that will also enable you to help your loved ones-healing is not limited to you alone, this is a comprehensive healing technique that can help heal in different areas.

Help healing a variety of illnesses and diseases –because the Healing Through Music method deals with balancing your body and bringing it back to a natural healthy state, itcan helphealing, rehabilitation and relieveall kinds of sickness, symptoms, pains and other effects


You can start your own healing process effortlessly – for the first time without any experience with any healing technique and without having to take any long healing course, you can heal yourself with the simple use of your home audio system.

You will significantly improve the healing process– even if you have been treated by another healing method the use of the tunes in the kit will improve the results of your healing significantly.

You will feel the healing frequency long after the treatment- the healing frequency will accompany you a long time after using the tunes; you will feel the healing energy accompany you and continue to help you through the process.

associated with a balanced functioning of the body.